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Chinese stereoscopic parking parks enter the era of wisdom 2

According to the Shenzhen post office said that this year the Shenzhen City People's Congress NPC and CPPCC proposal, Shenzhen Transportation Committee has selected 15 parking contradiction area, as one of the first stereo parking lot to promote the implementation of the pilot, in the year. A media survey data show that 57% of the owners optimistic about the prospects for the development of intelligent stereo garage, 59% of the owners are willing to park the vehicle in the parking, showed that the majority of people on the parking lot to accept, favor, for safety and operation of many owners worry about difficult issues, is also expected to be solved by intelligent parking system.

Insiders said that the parking lot is not a new concept, in Japan and South Korea and Germany and Italy, European and Asian countries, because of the development and utilization of parking equipment to get the attention and support of the government, the development speed is very fast. Today, Chinese intelligent stereo garage construction technology has been relatively mature, with big data and artificial intelligence technology elements, more humanized and intelligent to help the owners of parking, as long as the proper maintenance, and there will be no safety car. In addition, for investors, innovative investment and financing methods also include the government set up special funds, encourage PPP model, research and set up value-added services, increase revenue sources.
"As the first China parking lot to carry out pilot work in recent years, Shenzhen City, has to promote the sharing of roadside parking, parking and intelligent parking garage floor construction project, in line with the city traffic intelligent development trend", the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, economic committee committee chairman, Shenzhen City chamber of Commerce Internet Financial intelligent transportation CEO to Dumont Juan said that China car ownership has surged, parking is very scarce. One is from the national traffic data just released the visible, regional rail site, popular attractions, parks, shopping district, the old residential areas, hospitals, parking has become a basic "disaster", to the general public holiday tourism, visiting relatives, medical care has brought great distress.
The Department of Transportation Service Secretary Xu Yahua said that the technology used in the development of major transportation infrastructure is very important, there are huge investment in transport infrastructure projects across the country, intelligent parking is one of the most important direction. For changing China, city space is very limited, land prices, compared with the same capacity of the ordinary parking lot, parking garage has small occupation area, less investment, shorter construction period and other advantages, in addition, intelligent parking with safety protection system obstacle confirmation, emergency braking, super long and super high vehicle the detection device, both manual and automatic access device, the owner can independently complete the operation, does not need to be equipped with professional staff, reduce labor expenses.
Xiang Juan believes that the next few years, the intelligent parking lot will gradually from the city parking lot construction investment option to have options, especially in a second tier city, the number of parking will be far beyond our imagination. At the same time, although China parking market is still in its infancy, but the parking equipment has evolved into the 2 era of intelligence, enterprises must attach great importance to the organic convergence of parking facilities and intelligent software system, in order to talent shows itself in the market competition. With the wisdom of parking solutions Dumont as an example, the scheme of the big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the innovation of science and technology as the foundation, with intelligent access, online charging, efficient management, automatic safety protection and other functions, for the local government, traffic management mechanism, parking lot operators to provide strong technical support. (source: 91 portal network)

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