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Mechanical parking equipment report overview garage situation development

Gong secretary made a very thorough summary of the development trend of parking equipment, and he briefly explained the development trend of mechanical three-dimensional garage with some data. For example: a total of 617386 installed mechanical parking space, an increase of 5.2%, 2079 new domestic projects (including car lifts), the total sales of 11 billion 92 million 233 thousand and 600 yuan. An increase of 2.9%, an increase of 11 points down. Among the new projects, the residential area accounted for 54%, basically unchanged from the previous year.

But now, in 2016 the economic situation is still grim, real estate market is shrinking rapidly, also impact on parking equipment industry continues, the domestic mechanical parking equipment market focus will be greatly changed, with new residential parking facilities to solve the city center city the parking demand market demand. The mechanical parking will be more diverse, fragmented market, small scale, garage intelligent requirements will be higher, Internet plus implantation technology become more prevalent, charging pile configuration more popular; parking lot construction special bonds will be allowed to issue more in the city, greatly ease the public parking construction funds the pressure at the same time, the PPP model will become more and more enterprises choose the way of investment etc.. The development of mechanical parking equipment industry is full of challenges and opportunities. Can adapt to this change, related to the long-term development of an enterprise or even parking equipment industry.
It creates Lifting Technology Co., sincerity, to the letter from people, to the quality of survival, to seek development trust, all starting from the interests of users, customer service service throughout the country 10 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, to provide you with a full range of quality services, to ensure that you choose our products always in good operating condition. There is a need for customers to call Advisory mobile phone details, all staff sincerely welcome new and old customers coming from all walks of life! (source: Huicong Machinery Industrial Network)

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