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About Us

Focusing on Humanities and science and technology

Relying on quality and efficiency, satisfy customers and provide good quality parts for the manufacturing industry.

Company Profile

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Company profile



    Zhejiang Giant Parking Systems Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Giant Holding Co., Ltd, is located in a picturesque ancient town of south China---NanXun. It is a professional mechanical parking enterprise covers sales, R&D, design, manufacture, commissioning, installation, maintenance and after service.

In 2010, the company cooperated with NISSEI BUILD KOGYO CO., LTD from Japan, introducing the whole technology of parking system, and started the industry with international high standard. The company now possesses hundreds of invention patents and innovation achievements. The core engineers have been hired as the expert group of national technical committee and participated in formulating national standards of parking system.

Modern workshops, world-class equipments, and experienced professors provide a strong guarantee on first-class product quality and annual production capacity of 50,000 mechanical parking spaces. The company is committed to be a satisfied partner of clients and provides customized solutions. It strictly follows the concept “Where there is our product, there is our best service”, and builds up a standardized after-sale service system through the nationwide service network. Whether it is products quality or maintenance service, the company will assure to keep your worries away as long as you to be our partner or terminal user.


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